We have spared no expense in collecting historic data for almost all of the largest and most popular lotteries in the world. Our comprehensive dataset spans back more than 10 years (where applicable) and includes historic data across multiple distributed DBMSs such as Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server, each serving a different numeric analytical purpose to Neural-Lotto, with MySQL providing an on-line web user interface for remote neural network input parameter configuration.

The NeuralReality AI Engine accesses these DBMSs and processes the data in real time, with advanced pattern-matching and forecasting algorithms running at blazing speeds, with settling times of less than 8 minutes in most cases. There is no other such system available at any price with the capabilities and features of Neural-Lotto. If you are tired of using standard frequency tables, statistical analysis or even wheeling systems that don’t work and will never work, then THIS IS FOR YOU!

The following table shows a list of worldwide lotteries currently processed by Neural-Lotto, along with general public cost per run.